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Thank you for visiting Yozons and reviewing our privacy policy that explains how we handle information we gather. This policy is effective January 1, 2007.

Your privacy and the security of Yozons' technologies and services are paramount. Yozons expects that we'll earn your trust with our proven track record since 2000. Our privacy policy applies to all customer information we collect from our web sites, email, phones, faxes and all other means of communications with us.

When you request information from Yozons, you likely provide contact information such as your name, company, phone and/or email address. We use this information in order to contact you about Yozons products and services. Yozons does not provide this information to any third parties without your consent.

When you become a customer of Yozons, you likely provide additional payment-related information, including credit cards, checks or purchase orders. You may also provide us confidential information about your business, documents and software requirements. We use this information in order to process your payment, provide quotes and develop your custom software. Yozons provides relevant information to our bank or credit card processing company in order to effect payment. Yozons may disclose your company name to other customers and prospective customers. If you provide a testimonial or other promotional materials, Yozons may share that information publicly as well.

Yozons does not send spam (unsolicited email, faxes or phone calls) and we do not allow our customers to use our technologies in order to do so.

Yozons stores non-personal information (pages visited, referrer sites, date and time, Internet address and web browser type) for each web page displayed from our sites. Yozons uses third-party analytics software to analyze trends using this non-personal information. Yozons never sells this information.

A cookie is a small data file that is sent with each request for a web page. You do not need to enable cookies to use our web sites, though non-persistent session cookies, which are not stored on your computer, are recommended. Persistent cookies, those that are stored on your computer, are only used if you request that your login user name be remembered as a convenience to you.

Yozons may share protected information if required by law.

All customer information may be transferred should Yozons' assets be acquired by another company.

If your personal information changes, please contact Yozons to update or correct it.

This privacy policy does not apply to customer-deployed applications built using our software and services. Those applications are not owned by Yozons and are the responsibility of each respective owner. However, Yozons warrants that it does not collect for itself or share information contained in those applications to others without permission.