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Human resource onboarding 4 parties: Applicant, HR manager, Employee, HR/I-9 witness $19,750
Applicant fills out and signs a job application, background check authorization, and EEO survey (affirmative action). The HR manager hires or does not hire using the hiring decision document; if hired, the HR manager fills out an offer letter; if not hired, the transaction ends. If hired, the employee fills out and signs the offer letter, a direct deposit authorization, I-9, W-4, acknowledgment of benefits plans, insurance enrollment, flexible spending and health savings account enrollment, life insurance enrollment, emergency contacts, and acknowledgment of policies.
  1. Application (5 pages, 1 party: applicant)
  2. Background Authorization (3 pages, 1 party: applicant)
  3. EEO (1 page, 1 party: applicant)
  4. Hiring Decision (1 page, 1 party: HR manager)
  5. Offer Letter (1 page, 2 parties: HR manager, employee)
  6. Direct Deposit (1 page, 1 party: employee)
  7. I-9 (3 pages, 2 parties: employee, witness)
  8. W-4 (1 page, 1 party: employee)
  9. Acknowledgment of Benefits Presentation (1 page, 1 party: employee)
  10. Insurance (Medical/Dental/Vision) Enrollment (1 page, 1 party: employee)
  11. Flexible Health Spending & Health Savings Account Enrollment (1 page, 1 party: employee)
  12. Life Insurance Enrollment (1 page, 1 party: employee)
  13. Emergency Contacts (1 page, 1 party: employee)
  14. Acknowledgment of Policies (1 page: 1 party: employee)
  15. Personnel Action Request (1 page: 3 parties: initiator, reviewer, HR manager)
  16. Disciplinary Action Notice (1 page: 3 parties: supervisor, HR approver, uploader)
  17. E-docs (1 page: 1 party: uploader)

This package also includes a standalone I-9 process, the personnel action request, and the eDocs electronic records transmittal tuned for human resources including installation/set-up. If you prefer not to do-it-yourself, you may purchase professional service hours to have Yozons add additional documents and workflows, integrate with other systems, etc.

Use your email address to see the entire process.

You will also need a subscription and license to Yozons Open eSignForms. We generally recommend starting with a 500MB license at $1200 per year.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you must terminate before your annual term is completed, Yozons will provide a refund for all full months of unused service. It has never happened, but if our software were to fail to perform during the first 90 days, Yozons will refund all of the licensing and setup fees.

While Yozons has not paid to be "accredited" by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), we are proud to have earned an A+ rating. The only complaint filed against Yozons since our founding in 2000 was a case of mistaken identity: the complaint confused Yozons with one of our customers. Of course, Yozons provided all the help it could to resolve the dispute with the correct party.